A Call to Arms – 10 days Left to Save British Democracy

The British people are now facing an internal political provocation the like of which hasn’t been seen since the English Civil War. It is a threat to stability, democracy and the very foundations of our nation. Astonishingly, it is seated in our parliament – the very implement by which the people consent to be governed. Only now parliament is acting autonomously. It is no longer an extension of the people’s will. It is an autonomous power house of individuals acting way beyond their mandate in the manner of a tinpot Junta. There is no longer any people’s consent, and that means that our democracy has failed and imperilled the very glue that binds us together as a nation state. The people need to take back control before it’s too late. There are potentially only10 days left before we are engulfed by a calamity far worse than anything caused by Brexit.

Let’s remind ourselves how we have arrived at this epochal moment. On an issue of national importance MPs referred the matter back to the people for a decision. Regardless of whether the referendum was advisory or not, leaders of all parties, MPs and the British Prime Minister said the question was a once in a generation matter and the result would be respected. Legislation was passed making it so. ‘The Government will do whatever you decide’ rang in the ears of those who dutifully entered the polling booth to make their mark. Not one person doubted that this promise would be honoured.

Now move forward 3 years. We have a parliament of Remain MPs who have colluded with the EU to prevent the result of the referendum being implemented. The joint strategy is to delay Brexit until they can claim that the clear mandate provided by the referendum has expired. At that point, they will try to implement a second referendum, probably with a fixed question and an expanded electorate including people who shouldn’t be entitled to vote. Because of the vagaries of the Fixed Term Parliament Act, we have a cabal of backbench MPs effectively running a proxy government introducing laws such as the Benn Act for which they have no mandate. They have been aided by a partisan judiciary and a Speaker who drives a car with a ‘bollocks to Brexit’ sticker on it. He has overridden decades of parliamentary procedure to allow the cabal to implement laws that are not only unconstitutional but profoundly undemocratic. MPs were elected on manifesto promises to implement Brexit and those promises are now being ignored. MPs can only claim the legitimacy afforded by the people’s consent within the scope of their election promises. If they act outside those promises they are acting as individuals not as agents of the people. The situation is especially bad as these MPs are also protecting their unique position of power by preventing a general election. The gas has been turned up on the pressure cooker and the safety valve has been blocked. It is dictatorship. Not so much ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ but ‘Bollocks to the People’ .

And so we come to the denouement. On 19th October, Parliament will sit in a special emergency session. This might well be the moment that Remain MPs attempt to seize control of the order Paper and introduce another illegitimate Bill, this time mandating a second referendum. Nobody can be sure that Remain MPs have the numbers to succeed but you can be sure that they will be egged on and emboldened by thousands of PeoplesVote campaigners who are planning a demonstration in London that day. If such a Bill was to be enacted the effect on our country would be truly disastrous. Democracy only works with losers’ consent. Without that consent we have no demos, and without a demos we are no longer a nation state. For most people, their vote is their only means of effecting peaceful change to their lives. Take it away, and they will look for other means as shall I. This challenge to our democracy is existential for our country. It is the most serious challenge since WWII, and nothing is more important. These MPs must be challenged or the people will once again be subjugated with no voice. Every Leaver needs to protect their vote. It is a call to arms.

So what must be done? Well the first question I would ask is where is the Leave leadership? Effective action needs effective organisation. MPs must be stopped from pursuing this disastrous course of action. Prevention is better than cure and prevention can only be ensured by peaceful direct action before this vote takes place. If Leave voters and organisations don’t act now to nip this in the bud then the chances of a violent backlash later are greatly increased.

Stand up and be counted. Don’t be a serf.