The Stand Firm Campaign

I’ve had a great idea and you can all help with very little effort. Read on.

As we get towards the end of the Article 50 talks, it is increasing clear that the EU is determined to ensure that the UK remains within its economic sphere of influence. Their negotiating objectives are as follows:

  1. Destabilise a weak and divided British parliament by making a draft deal so bad that the UK decides to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.
  2. If the UK does successfully leave, ensure that any deal:
  • Preserves the political integrity of the EU27.
  • Protects the £95bn EU surplus in goods.
  • Prevents UK developing a competitive independent trade policy over which Brussels would have no political or economic control.

The vehicle for achieving this is the much discussed Northern Ireland Backstop in the draft Withdrawal Agreement which sees the UK accept different regulatory arrangements for different parts of the country. For Northern Ireland, it means rule by Brussels in ‘the’ Customs Union without any Northern Irish representation in the European Parliament. For GB, it means “a” bare-bones Customs Union that will emasculate any idea of an independent trade policy and make non-reciprocal free-trade access to the UK market an attractive bargaining chip during EU trade talks with other countries.

Now there is much more to the Withdrawal Agreement that makes it wholly unsatisfactory, including finance and the ECJ, but the purpose of this blog is to highlight just how dangerous the domestic political situation has become for Brexiteers and to announce a peaceful campaign called Stand Firm.

As we approach 29th March without a deal, many Remain MPs are increasingly using the lack of a deal to argue for Article 50 to be delayed. Make no mistake, a delay is merely the first step to revocation which is the ultimate aim. Why else would the same MPs be publicly supporting People’s Vote on their social media? There is therefore an urgent need for Leave voters to apply pressure to MPs to prevent a dishonest attempt to thwart the referendum result. In ideal circumstances, Leave voters would take to the streets in a peaceful demonstration but many cannot afford the time or cost of travelling to London and some fear that the event could become hijacked by extreme elements with less benign intentions.

The Stand Firm campaign requires no organisation. It is a popular movement requiring no top-down direction. It envisages that all Leave voters make a silent declaration that they want Brexit delivered on time and regardless of any deal with the EU. There is no travel involved. All they need to do is put a Union flag in their front window, car or garden. MPs do travel around their constituencies and would soon notice a sea of colourful flags all directing the same message. And the idea could so easily spread without leafleting. Someone puts up a flag, a neighbour asks why. One flag becomes 2, two flags become 4 and before long whole streets would be bedecked in red, white and blue all shouting the same message: we want brexit delivered on time and under all circumstances.

So go an buy a flag. Cloth ones on poles or sticks are great but card or paper ones in front widows will do. At the end of this blog there is a link to a pdf file you can download and print. Also use the hashtags #StandFirm and #FlyTheFlag in your twitter feeds. I am sure Leave voters want to stand firm. We need to make sure Parliament does too so spread the word.