Returning to the (European) Sheep Fold

EU question

After a summer break, I have felt the need to return to some occasional blogging. Whilst I will post articles on a broad range of subjects that take my interest, it seems to me that the burning issue for the next couple of years is likely to be the EU Referendum. I have recently developed some quite strong views on our EU membership, and so it is likely that many of my articles will cover the various campaigns as we run up to the vote. I confess to being a committed ‘leaver’, and feel strongly enough about it to have done a lifetime first: I have signed up to one of the campaigns and volunteered to do some practical doorstep campaigning when the time comes. However, as we currently have no date for the referendum, I expect that there will have to be a lot of hot air and rumination before we get to that stage.

In a previous post, I outlined the reasons for my euro-scepticism, and these largely related to constitutional and democratic factors. In coming posts, I intend to explore these ideas further but will also cover other factors that I believe make it preferable for us to adopt a global outlook rather than be shackled to a dated and unwieldy EU political structure that is beyond its sell-by date. As always, polite debate is encouraged.